Entry is now open to the 21st VinAgora International Wine Competition

A fully refurbished website and entry zone makes application as smooth as silk to one of Central Europe's most prestigious wine contests.

Entry | 2020. 01. 22.

Entry is now open to the 21st VinAgora International Wine Competition

VinAgora International Wine Competition is not only Hungary's sole international wine competition but is also a member of VINOFED, the world organization of major wine contests among the likes of Vinalies Internationales, Citadelles du Vin, Mondial du Rosé, or Berliner Wine Trophy. Next to its VINOFED membership, official patronage by the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), and several further factors ensure the credibility of every VinAgora medal that appears on wine bottles. Entry is now open to the 2020 edition of the competition with an application deadline of March 12. Judging is scheduled April 2-5 in Szekszárd, center of one of the most famous Hungarian wine regions.

What are the advantages of applying to VinAgora?

  • Credibility guaranteed by international patronage for a reasonable entry fee.
  • Added marketing value generated by the medal stickers on the bottle.
  • Professional judging and feedback: every score and award is the result of a multi-step, objective, consensus-based evaluation process.
  • Support in an intensive promotion of results.


Reputation on the bottle

Standing out from the crowd? Sounds like a cliché, and yet, it is by far not simple, especially in an era of sprawling wine competitions - some of which are of questionable quality. Besides the competition of wine products we can today talk about a competition of wine contests as well, so it does matter for both the consumer, and the producer, what kind of results are featured on wine bottles. The 'macarons' (medal stickers) of VinAgora have been equivalent to trustworthy, credible judging ever since the competition's foundation, and this year they come in a fresh new look that is modern, elegant, and classy.


Credibility of the VinAgora medal

VinAgora results are the product of a strictly regulated, carefully designed evaluation process, the main ingredients of which are:

  • Wine experts from all over the world evaluate samples in committees to minimize the influence of individual tastes.
  • Judging is based on the 100-point system of OIV but also augmenting it with extra aspects, giving a fair amount of time for every wine.
  • We ensure optimal circumstances for evaluation and limit the number of samples to be tasted during a day in order to prevent depletion of judges' sensory capacity.
  • We work with the most up-to-date software (WineCompass) so as judges can fully concentrate on the subject of evaluation rather than the process.
  • Only the best third of samples are allowed to win medals in every main category to avoid "award inflation".

If all this is not good reason for sending your wines, the organizers now give you every fifth entry for free!