Entry is now open to the 22st VinAgora International Wine Competition 2021

Don't miss out on the competitive advantage earned by the distinguishing awards of a credible wine competition! Enter your wines to VinAgora 2021!

Entry | 2021. 01. 07.

Entry is now open to the 22st VinAgora International Wine Competition 2021

Being the only international wine competition in Hungary, VinAgora International Wine Competition is a member of the world federation of the most professional competitions, VINOFED, in the company of such prestigious events like Vinalies Internationales, Citadelles du Vin, Mondial du Rosé, or the Berliner Wine Trophy. In addition to VINOFED membership, the credibility of each VinAgora medal sticked on a bottle of wine is ensured by the patronage of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and a number of other factors. The deadline for entry to the 2021 competition is April 1, and judging will take place between April 23 and 25 in Budapest.

What do you get if you enter?

  • Credibility through international patronage for a favorable entry fee.
  • Value added in marketing provided by a distinctive medal sticker.
  • High-quality evaluation: all awards are the result of a multi-stage, consensual evaluation taking place under ideal tasting conditions.
  • Extensive, and intensive, communication of results.


Recognition on the bottle

Standing out from the crowd? A commonplace, yet not an easy task, especially when there are more and more wine competitions, and a growing number of stickers on the bottles - often with dubious backgrounds. Today, we do not only talk about the competition of wines, but also about the competition of wine competitions, so it does matter a lot what kind of results the producer advertises to consumers. VinAgora’s ‘macarons’, i.e. medal stickers, have been synonymous with reliable, credible evaluation since the competition was founded, and have been updated with a new design recently.


vinagora medals NV


Credibility of the VinAgora medal

VinAgora’s results are born during a tightly regulated, carefully crafted judging process. The key factors are:

  • Wine experts from all over the world taste in multi-member committees, so the influence of individual taste on the final score of the wine is minimal.
  • The judging is based on the OIV's 100-point system, but it is supplemented by additional aspects, devoting enough time, and attention, to each wine.
  • We provide optimal judging conditions and limit the number of samples tasted in a single day, avoiding judges' sensory fatigue.
  • We work with a state-of-the-art, self-developed evaluation software (WineCompass) to ensure that the scoring method distracts judges from actual evaluation as little as possible.
  • In each main category, only the best 30% of the samples are eligible for awards, avoiding "medal inflation".

If all that was not enough reason to enter, the entry of every fifth sample is for free!