Wine experiences - recommended by the Wine Festival!

On the one hand, in recent years festival atmosphere has become more emphasized at the Budapest Wine Festival. On the other hand, in the beginning, we focused on satisfying the professional interest of wine experts too.

Wine Festival specials | 2022. 08. 09.

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Wine experiences - recommended by the Wine Festival!

VinAgora - a guarantee for certified quality

Talking about professionalism, the most prestigious international wine competition in our country undoubtedly takes first place. VinAgora is a member of the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits competitions (VINOFED), overseen by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) which was founded in 1924 and is still a key player in the wine sector. Therefore, the results of the competition are endorsed by a credible organization. Award-winning wineries will be featured in numerous segments of the Wine Festival.

Each year, the top wines of the competition are the special prize winners, the best of each grape variety, category, and country. Several award-winning wineries and winemakers will be present at the Wine Festival, such as Tamás Günzer, who created the best rosé in the competition. We can taste the best Merlot of VinAgora 2022 at the Schieber Winery and the astonishing wines of Pannonhalmi Főapátság (Pannonhalma Abbey) and Thummerer Winery, with the former winning two special prizes and the latter winning three and a total of ten medals. The special prizes are awarded every year during a national roadshow. 

VinAgora New Talents

This stand is a real treasure trove for the more adventurous, with a succession of smaller, mostly family-run, and lesser-known wineries that do not have their own stand at the festival but have made a remarkable impression at VinAgora and are therefore worthy of the attention of festival visitors. For a detailed list of participants, visit ……..


VinAgora tasting

Due to its great success, we will carry on our 30th birthday present from last year, so everyone who buys a ticket can taste an award-winning wine at the VinAgora tasting stand. The choice of wine will be partly down to luck from the completely varying high-quality VinAgory medalist selection. 


Wine Festival All-Stars - The best of the best

Not only will the best wines from the VinAgora International Wine Competition be showcased at the festival, but also the medalists of other prestigious foreign events. As part of the All-Stars program, we've put together a selection of local wines that have excelled at prestigious international events this year, and you can taste them in the Palace's courtyards.


Wine Festival Premier - The debutantes

The Wine Festival traditionally coincides with the harvest, the birth of a new vintage, so it made sense to reflect on the power and symbolism of novelty in a different form. As part of the Wine Festival Premier program, visitors get a chance to discover wines that will be making their debut on the market during the week of the event. 


Nébih Wine Quiz Bar - Quality and leisure

The Directorate of Wine and Alcoholic Beverages of the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) offers exciting and informative games for festivalgoers. Step into the Nébih Wine Quiz Bar, test your knowledge of wine, and discover the values of the High-Quality Food (KMÉ) trademark created with Nébih’s cooperation!