Our Values

International professional patronage - a guarantee for certified quality

Medal on the Bottle

Producers of medal-winning wines will be allowed to order the "VinAgora macaron" (a sticker to be added to the main label on the bottle) as a proof of their excellent performance in order to strengthen consumer confidence and increase market power.

Medal Champion
Medal Grand Gold
Medal Gold
Medal Silver

About the Prizes

The following medals are awarded at the VinAgora International Wine Competition:

  • Grand Gold Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal

The number of medals handed out may not exceed 30% of the number of samples per main category. Should it be more, however, the Presidency of the Wine Competition will raise the score limits to avoid crossing the 30% mark. (For fraction numbers the relevant score will be determined according to the principles of rounding.)

In addition, special prizes are awarded at the competition.

Credibility of the VinAgora Medal


Professional Experience

We have been organizing wine competitions for 30 years at the highest professional niveau.


International Patronage

Results are quality-contolled by the two most important international organizations: the OIV and the VINOFED.


The Jury

Wine experts from all over the world evaluate samples in committees to minimize the influence of individual tastes.


Complex Evaluation

Judging is based on the 100-point system of OIV but also augmenting it with extra aspects, giving a fair amount of time for every wine.



We ensure optimal circumstances for evaluation and limit the number of samples to be tasted during a day.


WineCompass ©

We work with the most up-to-date software so as judges can fully concentrate on the subject of evaluation rather than the process.

Magyar kupa

30% Medal Limit

Only the best third of samples are allowed to win medals in every main category to avoid "award inflation".


Promotion of Results

User-friendly website to search results, online and offline post-competition campaign, promotion at Budapest Wine Festival.

Application and deadlines