25th VinAgora International Wine Competition

5-8 April, 2024


01 December 2023

Online entry opens

14 March 2024

Shipping deadline

05 April 2024

First day of competition

08 April 2024

End of judging

06 May 2024

Results published


The results have arrived!

Many winemakers desired to win the prestigious medals of the VinAgora International Wine Competition in 2024. Nearly 900 samples were waiting to impress the most distinguished Hungarian and international wine experts. Find out more and get first-hand information about the results!

VinAgora - Certified Quality

VinAgora is the only international wine competition of Hungary. Membership in the VINOFED, the world federation of the most rigorous wine contests, and various other factors guarantee the professional credibility of every single VinAgora medal that appears on a bottle of wine.



We have organized, or co-organized close to 70 wine competitions in the last 30 years.


Value for Money

We supply credibility ensured by international patronage for reasonable application fees.


Market Advantage

A medal on the bottle distinguishes your wine from the competitors' products.


Top-End Evaluation

Every award is the product of a multi-step, consensual, ideally set-up evaluation process.

Our Activities

Since its foundation in 1992, our event organizing company has been working for the development of Hungarian wine culture, the strengthening of domestic wine trade, and for increasing the international popularity of Hungarian wines.

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